Why 1300 Numbers

According to research by a telecommunications company, among the main reasons that businesses choose 1300 phone numbers along with other non-geographic amounts is because they’re totally mobile.

A phone number that could follow companies wherever they move means they have complete liberty and may be safe in the knowledge that their potential and current clients will always be able to find those. This means no missed calls or loss of company which is particularly crucial in the present financial environment.

The reason non-geographic telephone numbers (e.g. 03 amounts) are so portable is because they work alongside any landline or mobile number and this getting number could be changed at anytime.

So, if a company wishes to relocate, then it may simply direct all calls to its 1300  numbers to a new landline without paying any expensive divert charges.

Additionally, among the critical things about non-geographic numbers is the fact they do not need any additional equipment to operate. They can be managed entirely online or over the telephone that makes them invaluable in the event of disaster restoration. For instance, if a organization’s landlines neglect it can easily change which landline or mobile its 03 phone number’s calls visit, online 24/7. And even though online access is not possible – this can easily be achieved over the phone too!

What is more, portability is just the tip of the iceberg. Based on what non-geographic number a company chooses you will find a host of other benefits for businesses.

For example:

O 03 numbers allow callers call them for exactly the same cost as a regular landline (01/02) amount – even from a mobile phone. This means there isn’t any barrier between a company and its callers and they are highly likely to get more calls.

O 1300  numbers are entirely free for landline callers to call in any respect times – making them superb marketing phone numbers for companies.

O 0845 numbers are the UK’s hottest small business phone number and therefore have a very high public consciousness. Plus, they’re also free for 14m BT landline clients who are on its Anytime/Evening & Weekend call programs – meaning a great deal of customers will have the ability to call companies for free.

Non-geographic numbers provide all this and that’s even before a discussion about the various ways that they can help organisations smarten up the way they cope with calls.

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